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Korinn Y. Carter is a 28 - year old serial and social entrepreneur from the North Side of Richmond, VA. She founds businesses and brands that promote positive social change. She has tapped into her innate ability to hustle and her genuine hope to change the world to create movements, start businesses, and put herself and others in a position to win - all while making a social impact. Korinn is able to reach all people by providing programs and services to her community, curating unique events, and creating safe spaces "for us, by us". She dreams of changing the world by equipping people in her community with the tools they need to create their own ripples of change in their own families, neighborhoods, cities, and beyond.

So many people ask me what I do, and it’s been such a hard question to answer until now. I help people – all kinds of people, all different ages, from all different backgrounds, with all different things from personal to professional. I leave whatever I touch better than I found it.

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